Hi, how are you doing?
If you ended up on this page, that means you want to read more about myself or you like my blog.

Anyhow, Im Charles D. Ruybal, D stands for David by the way. (lol) Im from Fremont, California. Lots of camping sites around here,  you guys should visit here sometime!

I have been playing basketball since my pre-school age and love the sport!

I studied at Washington High School and I played for the school team as well. And I continued playing during my time at the college.

I always learn new tricks online as well as from my friends, colleagues. Gaining knowledge helps me greatly to win over my competitors. And to win, I had to train myself to become a better dunker.

To be truthful, I did not succeed over night, I followed many methods around and tested many workout plans which were freely available on the internet and I have tried few paid workouts too.